The pine trees are trembling in silent suspense, The chirping of birds sounds uneasy, You live in the forest enchanted and dense, Which keeps you forever imprisoned. Let the cherry trees dry up like sheets in the wind, Let the lilacs shed raindrops of petals, Either way I will find you and take you with me To a palace where happiness settles. Your world for millennia stayed under spells From me and from light always hidden, Beguiled, you can think of no places to dwell Than this magic forest you live in. Let the morning appear with no dew on the leaves, Let the clouds watch the moon with aversion, Either way I will find you and take you with me To a fairy tale house by the ocean. Which day of the week and which hour of the day Youíll come out to me, slow and guarded, And Iíll carry you in my arms far away To where thereís no getting discovered. I will steal you if you think itís something of worth, All that vigor, why else would it waken? Well, at least let a shack be our heaven on earth If both palace and house have been taken.
© Eugenie Sarkisyants. Translation, 2018