I was carrying all my bad Through the spring ice - vile as rat, And the ice got cracked - my soul went flew rest-e-less I got drowned down as a stone With all grief to me belonged But my woe jumped out to shore, quick and waveless. And this scourge since that bad day, Following my sincere way, Rumours and gossips are its usual company, But the fact that Iím not dew Only naked willow knew And some quail lads with their maids were near dormantly. So, who of you have told, That my heart is still not cold, But the one who mastered me knew the truth somewhere, And obsessed as the crank He took rumours to his gang And with scourge words as the route went to find me there. He got caught me and embraced, Sincere feeling had he faced, On the seat behind the grief gave me scoffy smile, But to stay he could not might Stayed with me just overnight But the woe and sorrow did stayed for my lifetime.
© David Abgaryan. Translation, 2013