My shaking hands are getting calm - Time to ascend, My fear felt in the deepest chasm - No doubts are left. I see no reasons to get stop - Iíve to slide up, And are no summits in the world, Where we give up! Among the ways, which were not past, The one - is mine! Among the borders, which still last One- on my line! And names of those, who died here Are stored by snow, A road, which leads to nowhere, Calls me to go! The blue light, shining from the ice Keeps me to walk, And mystery of someoneís footprints Are saved by the rock And I may watch my only dream Above the heads, Trusting the clearance, only seen For snow, this melts And letís long term is passing by, Iíll not forget How all doubts of mine Iíd have to left The day the water whispered to me: - Good luck, my friend! What weekday was, when that time had come? Sure, Wednesday than!
© Dmytro Bryushkov. Translation, 2020