Through some meat for the dogs - They gonna fight, for sure! And give some sour wines for the drunkards - Fresh the nip for each poor! And to make the crows slander - Please, make more scarecrows, For making love for the lovers The private place must be near roads. The grains needs be in the soil, And the sprouts are to be seen. I will be, for sure, deasil - Please, make me free to get win! The meaty chunks are given to dogs, But you see no fight, And to the soakers- vodka bottles, Though they are allwright. The crows are scared - But they are everywhere, People are promote to get married - But they donít care. The water on the ground was poured - But the gold wheat is not seen, And the freedom for me is granted - But it is still nothing to win!
© Dmytro Bryushkov. Translation, 2021