Of the stronghold, once tall, now but ruin remains, Time has cast a grim spell on the tower, Yet the rain will soon fall that will wash off the stains, Frozen past will spit out its rust-stricken tales And unleash ancient glory and power. Dusty scrolls will anon be unfolded, That bear witness to valiant deeds. Broken statues will newly be molded And will speak of unspeakable feats. Many derelict bolts will be promptly unmade, Scores of heavy old locks shoved away in disdain, Iron chests will collapse that so greedily held The true stories of hope, war, betrayal and fame. To familiar tunes, friend, prepare your ears And do not be surprised by the sounds: In your future, just like in old merciless years, Love is love, it sings same lovely rounds. Swords in fiery crossed other swords, and the strings Of the bows were flaming with tension. Death resided on tips of the blood-smeared spears, Foes, ashamed and defeated, shed desperate tears, Being rightly afraid of the vengeance. Not all those who avoided destruction Had retained former sweetness of souls, Having saved their good names from abduction By unscrupulous thieves of all sorts. Blessed is he who rides a reliable horse, He who strikes heavy blows and does not feel remorse. Who is ever aware of the danger Canít be caught off his guard by a stranger. In your time, do you fight with the scum of the earth? Do you fear the witches and demons? In that wonderful, marvelous future of yours, Is the evil still named same old evil? At all times, in all different parts of the world, Cowards, traitors are treated as bastards, Foe is foe, and a war anyway is a war, Though unfit is the ward, freedom is the reward, And we always prey Lord for the better. Time has not understated these notions: Just wipe out a layer of dust, And, like blood, the eternal emotions Will be pouring themselves upon us. Now, tomorrow, or back in the troublesome year, Retribution is fast and the payment is dear. Blessed is he who keeps his integrity firm, He whose fellows are loyal and ever alert. Ancient wizards are telling ourselves their tales Of simplicity, courage and honor: For a thing that is good, good unchangeably stays, Whether then or today or tomorrow.
© Pavlo Shostak. Translation, 2005