Rather than be a vandal and bandit, Iíd like to apply to be antisemite, On their side, though laws are missing, Is support and fervor of millions of people. Iíve chosen, and that means to beat up somebody, But I need to know who are all these semites, And maybe they are after all decent humans, And maybe from them I can get something useful. But teacher and friend, alcoholic and grocer, Has said that semites are Jews, nothing more, and It is such a great luck, brothers dear, I am now calm, there is nothing to fear. Iíve kept myself strong, and with high admiration I have in my life viewed Albert Einstein, People will forgive, but I ask, unwilling, How am I to view Abraham Lincoln. Among them is Capler, whom Stalin made suffer, Among them is Chaplin, respected by me, My friend Rabinovich and victims of Nazism, And even the very founder of Marxism. But alkie told me after this conversation That they drink the blood of the Christian babies, And then at the pub the fellows told That they crucified God a long time ago. They suck peopleís blood, and not parking their truck They tortured, damn creeps, elephant in the park, And I know, they stole from the people Bread crop from the last year completely. And alongside the Russian railroads Theyíve built houses and live there like gods. Iím ready for violence, and in righteous passion Iím beating up kikes and am saving Russia.
© Ilya Shambat. Translation, ?