- Hey, chauffeur, drive to Butyrka settlement, Where the jail’s, - about it be quick! - You bet, comrade, pretty late you are, for a couple of years: not a battlement - They’re dismantling the whole prison for the brick. - Such a pity: morning felt some kind of reason For me seeing the native places, hitherto... Well, smart driver, the other way: drive on and hit Taganka prison, - Wanna look at it, I would be there too. - They’ve destroyed the old Taganka building, Smashed completely, all of it, to hell! - Turn reverse, smart driver, whirl it to and fro - your steering-wheeling: We’ll return with nothing, good and well. But, chauffeur, still let us smoke, as well as, - It'll be better - off we'll quickly toss! Let us drink for having not remained in Russia any goals, For the removal of all the Russian camps, of cause.
© Vyacheslav Chistyakov. Translation, 2010