Throw to dogs some meat rags - May be the dogs will start fighting. Give to the drunkards kvass kegs - Probably thatíll be delighting. Not to allow craws Fattening - install scarecrows. And for to love to lovers, - Give them secluded bowers. Throw the seeds to the ground - Probably shoots will appear. Well, I wonít be steel around: Grant for my freedom appeal! Meat to the dogs was given - They didnít kick up a racket; Vodka is given, - even Drunkards refused to take it. People are scaring of craws - Carrion-craws ignore it. Couples are urged on to arouse - How to part they are worried. Grounds were properly watered - No results from the seeded. Given the freedom I wanted, - Why did I think it was needed?
© Vyacheslav Chistyakov. Translation, 2011