In our circle none easily could get, Itís me who brought him (ever since am sorry), I brought him to keep company and said: ďHe is with me; letís drink and do not worry!Ē He drank, the proper way, and looked enjoyed, And seemed to be like we were, basked in glory... The next day he betrayed us - all the joined, - I was mistaken, good old boys, Iím sorry! To follow the trial was unable, And after it, - a barrack - cold and drear - It seems night covers the entire gamble; For sake of truth, - the night is always here. I will preserve some strength at least awhile, - He thinks the term forever will endure, Too early he is sending his good-bye, He is mistaken, know it for sure! I donít believe the night is once for all, On day of reckoning, the life and the death matter, Iíll ask the boys: ďFor there was my fault, Let him for me, this time I should be better!Ē
© Vyacheslav Chistyakov. Translation, 2012