Itís as if I am running a fever; My heartís racing, a minute a mile - As I anxiously grab the receiver, And the same old Oh-Seven I dial. Hello, operator. Whatís your name? Lizzie. Hereís the area code, I hope the line is free. No, please do try again, Iím sure it wonít stay busy, Ah, now someoneís picking up... Honey, hi! Itís me. Both impatient and angry Iím feeling, I donít care whether push comes to shove - Why canít I, without onerous billing, Ever speak to the people I love? Operator, listen! We should be more thorough! Hereís another number... Where, dammit, could she be? To hell with all the phone lines, Iím flying out tomorrow! Ah, now someoneís picking up... Honey, hi! Itís me. Like an icon to me is the phone, now, The directoryís now my Koran. Operator, youíre now my Madonna, Turning far into near, on demand. Operator, please! Tonight you cannot falter, Getting through tonight is crucial, canít you see? Youíre my angel now, so donít step off the altar - Ah, now someoneís picking up... Honey, hi! Itís me. What, a problem again with the cable? A repair crew has just been dispatched? Thatís OK - I am willing and able To begin every evening from scratch!                 Operator, yes, I know at night itís hardest, Iíve lost track of time here, Iíve been up since three; Yes, of course, yes, yes, I will accept the charges! - Now connecting... Please stand by... - Honey, hi! Itís me.
1 "07" is long-distance telephone call. Vysotsky and his wife, also an actress, had to spend a lot of time apart, in different cities.
© Serge Elnitsky. Translation, 2003