Red and blue and mauve and green, Jade and quartz and tourmaline, Anything to keep you away from other men; Shirts and skirts and crinolines, Silken robes and denim jeans, But you just gave me vodka, and some cognac now and then. Even though I wasnít rich, I tried to scratch your every itch, Many times I asked, "Is this enough for you, my love?" Your usual response to which - You lying, scheming, thieving bitch - Was just to give me vodka and yell, "No, itís not enough!" The money came perpetually, It fell on you torrentially, Banknote after banknote, emeralds and gold; I played it safe, essentially, But still got caught, eventually - Now, for a quarter-century, my lifeís been put on hold. Know that I intensely loathe You and all your stupid clothes, Youíre the only reason why Iím wearing white and black; Screw you and your sacred oath, Screw you and your mother, both! Live the way you want to - I am never coming back!
© Serge Elnitsky. Translation, 2003