The air is stale with thunder what will happen now my throat contracting and my zest for life is spinning downwards - as I look for omens, can I trust the vows those prophetic birds of fairytales are singing I hear Sirin, bird of gladness, and her song of lure has trills that drills my faith out of it’s ease Alkonost, a bird who’s brooding sorrow and pain has a message that’s splitting my peace Grief and joy have now begun reverberating what’s in store little bird of hope named Gamajun it’s me she’s singing for All over the universe there are bells that chime a belfryskylined coppersign is it sadness, is it madness, is it joy cupolas of the russians are decked with gold that our Maker should watch us more often In the middel of the fairytale of this eternal land an enigma beyond the means of man Land of mine where people live in poverty and sham under big blue skies with ample gifts from nature’s hand My precious horses sink down belly-deep stuck in the mud of fat and yellow falseness and yet they carry on so I can see the oozing, stinking realm arise from slumber The lunar sickle baptized me but it makes a tricky mate Gamajun, can I trust you hopefully to give me comfort, boost my faith I shall keep on polishing my weary soul until it’s reeking, until it bleeds until it’s shining out of fury, out of joy and I shall mend my ragged clothes with gold that my Maker shall watch me more often
1 Sirin - Mythical bird with a woman’s face and breast. Alkonost - Alcyone or Halcyone in greek mythology. Daughter of Aeolus. Turned into a diver by the Gods for her impertinence. Poem by Aleksandr Blok: “Sirin & Alkonost. The birds of joy and sadness”. Gamajun - A fabulous clairvoyant bird with a human face. Poem by A. Blok: “Gamajun: the prophetic bird”.
© Jørn Simen Øverli. Translation, ?