I loved women I loved playing these tricks, Every day there was a new, who cares! And the people talked in nearby districts Of my deeds, romances, love affairs. Suddenly, while walking down the pavements, Near the seashore - dont play with it! There I met one of my many heartmates To my joyful course of life she hit. Yes, she was the one who like adventure, Do things in a big way - dazzling flash! Perfect body, open heart and nature Near me - gentle man, but short on cash. But she needed fully loaded coffers, Rings, perfumes and restaurants - nothing mean! In exchange - some benefits she offers, Doubtful offers she proposed to me. I will give you best I own - she argued, We will go together to the end! I agreed! - I said - but for a hundred, Want some more? - Ill share you with my friend! Women are like mordant angry horses - Prance, and take the bit between their teeth, Maybe, we have very different courses - But shes gone offended - what a miss! Other month she came and seized all passion, She returned so placid, calm and nice! And I have a very strong impression She came back agreed with stated price!
Dmitry Yefremov. Translation, 2001