In summer heat or cooling breeze, Alone or hand-in-hand, I call you to come with me, please, Into Wonderland. However shall we get there? - is the first thing you will say. Weíll surely need a magic spell to open up the way. And should we take some things to eat, and change of underwear? And how far must we go before weíre there? We donít need any magic spell! Oh, children, do not cry! It isnít far, you donít need to prepare. To Wonderland you do not have to walk, or swim, or fly. You only need be there! Youíre sure you donít mind getting wet? The rain is magic too! Or would you rather wait a bit? Oh well, itís up to you! In the land where we are going, there may be hail and snow. Itís not a dream, youíre wide awake, thereís no way back again. Youíre not afraid? Youíre sure youíre not? All right, so off we go! And first, we have to count from one to ten. Itís getting rather misty here, itís clearer on our way. Youíll see all right, but do not go astray! Good fights with evil, but be sure that good will win the day. Believe in what I say! You wouldnít always understand, If you were all alone, But Iíll explain this Wonderland When we are on our own. That little girl - her name is Alice. Just keep her in sight! With her as guide to Wonderland, weíre sure to be all right. Now shut your eyes and see the magic forest all around. Now just say: "Alice! One, two, three" - and we are onward bound. Our journey done, a magic oar is rowing us ashore. Farewell, the land of wonder and delight! When we are home, weíll tell them of the wondrous things we saw. But not - good night!
© Jack Doughty. Translation, ?