I知 "Yak", I知 the fighter. My motor is ringing. And sky is my dwelling, undoubtly. He who inside me is sitting, Considers him as the fighter. Last fighting I was so successful enough: I had "Yunkers" one, being shot. He who is sitting in me inside Has bothered me, and a lot. Last fighting I was stiched through as the sieve, Long I was darned by mechanic. He who is sitting today inside me, Forces to get into a spin now. From flying bomber the bomb the death brings To aerodrome. The stabilizer is seeming to sing: "Piece to your home!" And here is "Messersmidt", flying from back, I知 tired, I値l go away. He who is sitting inside me, as mad Is going to attack ram. What he is doing? It値l be the explosion!.. But then I値l not burn on sand, - And overcoming all bans of speed motions I知 diving from heaven to land. I知 - the chief. And by back - let I be burned! Where is my supporting? Here it is... Got to smoking, sings with nod: "Piece to your home!" And he, who is sitting in my skull was sure, He is alone and messed. He had deceived me, he turned to a swoop - Straight from "the death loop" end. He pulls to him - and the load is double. Why he considers him ace?! But I知 obeying him, again and again, But that will be thus for the last. I shan稚 be servant, I swear this time, It better to lie in the ground. He doesn稚 hear, that I知 to die, Benzine - my blood - is now out. And patience also has now end, His time is completed at last. He who was sitting in me, turned his face And close to wind-plexiglas. He痴 killed, I知 happy, I知 flying so light, I知 burning my power last. But what is this? Really is this a dive? I can稚 from this fall go out! It痴 vexing, that I was such hard to success, Let other one get the luck much more. And hear, I知 also singing the air: "Piece to your home!"
Lyudmila Purgina. Translation, 2011