Why Iím feeling today not as usual? Why? Both the forest and air are gentle. Overhead I could see such a usual sky, But he hasnít returned from the battle. And I canít understand - who was right, who was wrong In the disputes such sleepless and restless. Iím feeling the lack up to moment and long, íCause he hasnít returned from the battle. He was awkward in words and was out of tune, He has touched every time trifling matters. He prevented to sleep, he got up with a dawn, Yesterday failed to be from the battle. I could mention - my talk not about the void, All at once Iíve felt - double mettle. And the fire of friendhsip died without uphold, When he hadnít returned from the battle. And the spring is today breaking out of chains. Iíve called him by name and mistaken: "Friend, leave smoke to me", no answer to gain. Yesterday he was lost in the battle. Since the day our passed couldnít leave us in grief, They are serving today as a patrol. As a mirror to sky wood is quiet and still, And the trees in the wood like blue metal. Our hut was for us so spacious enough, Seconds passed as for twins in a rattle, All today only mine, but I take this too tough, As Iíve failed to return from the battle.
© Lyudmila Purgina. Translation, 2010