If your friend had become not friend, Not asquaintance, not foe as well. If you couldnít define him true, Whether bad he or good. Take the guy to the top of alps, And donít leave him alone, by chance. He will be in one bunch with you, You will see - who is who. If the guy seemed to go bad, Got entirely rusty downward. While stepping to glacier - dread, By the stumble - he yelled. So the alien together with you. Donít abuse him, the better - slue. Such a guy couldnít get uphill, Couldnít be praised for the skill. If the guy didnít whine and moan, He was angry but tried to go. When you falled from the rock, with groan He was able to hold. If he followed you with dash, Felt on top the entire success. So as youíre assured of self, Do rely on himself.
© Lyudmila Purgina. Translation, 2010