The tower’s ruined by time and covered, Muffled all with a plead of green sprouts. But the tongue of granit will be loosen up, And the cold past will tell about The campains, the battles, the triumphs. Time these deeds hasn’t wiped down, If you tear off its upper layers, If you take it strongly by throat - Then it will reveal the veil. Hundred towers’ll fall, hundred fetters. Hundred sweats will pass by as fur mass, Hundred verses will form hundred legends Of the sieges, the gunners, tournaments. You’d be ready for melodies known, Look with skilled eye and hear them carefully. Since the Love is forever eternal, Even in the far future unseeable. Steel was splitted sonorously, pressed by a sword, A bow-string was in smoke by effort. Death was sitting on lances, grumbling in its womb, In the dust all the enemies falled, asking mercy, To the winner surrendering... But not all, being living, have kept Their kindness in hearts, in attempt From the obvious lie of the rascal protect, That was path for corageous man. Well, when horse took the bit between teeth, And the hand on the lance layed conveniently. Well, when you know the arrow’s beam, Bad, when it was from round the corner. What’s about your villain? He’s beaten? That’s right! Do they frighten with their sabbath? Do you know, that the evil is called mere evil Even there in your future bright? And for ever and ever, and throughout the times, All the traitors and cowards’re disprosen. Foe is foe, war is war - all’re identical, And the freedom’s unique, Th’ dungeon - close. Those concepts were not swept by all passing time, You should only lift a top layer, As a smoking blood from a throat will start Pouring on us the feelings eternal. And today, and in future, forever will be, My old friend, price for price, fault for fault. It is good, that the honour is rescued, And the back is protected by friend. All simplicity, purity we’d taken far From the ancients, tales and sagas. Because feeling of kindness remain always kind In the past, in the future and now.
© Lyudmila Purgina. Translation, 2011