To pieces was splitted the crown, State was over, throne. All life, Russia, laws - To hell gone! And we - As if from the holes, As if the thieves - prisoned, holded, - Only blood is mixed with shame Ignominiously. And we Are vanished in understanding - With whom - to fight, with whom - to stay, Who is - for us, who’s - against, Whom we shoud fear... Where’s the way? Where is the spirit? The honour? The shame? Where are our friends, Where are the aliens? How did we get this state, Russia - isn’t worth to betray Shame To all those, who likes the silence, Those, who are sunk in the doubts Whether he could kill or not Either! A call! As wolves, as bulls, As a kite, pouncing on prey - Let’s call the crows To have a feast this day! Hey you! Where is your former firmness? Where is our former pride? To rest now is - the wrong going! And hand is a holding a gun! The end! Everything has come To the end! Every thing was broken, destroyed. And we have the lesser choice - To shoot either in temple or in foe.
© Lyudmila Purgina. Translation, 2012