I had asked you: "Why you climb the mountains?" You - itched to get top, and you - just wanted battle. "Look, Elbrus from plane you could see so well..." But you laughed at this, took me with yourself. And from this time you became to me so close, sweet, My alpinist-love, my rock-climber-girl, - When you firstly from the cleft was pulling out me, You were smiling, my rock-climber-girl! And when I for that damned clefts was praising you a lot Both for dinner good and for supper good. I received the two "boxes on ears" short, But I was not offended, only answered you: "Wow! You are so close to me, and so sweet, My alpinist-love, my rock-climber-girl!.." Every time, when you were searching me among the cliffs, You were scolding me, my rock-climber-girl! Later on at every next ascent you didít trust, Still you were to me so suspicious. You insured me with such a great delight, My alpinist-girl, gutta-perchious! Oh, how you today are neither close, nor sweet, My alpinist-love, my rock-climber-girl! Every time, when you were pulling out me, You abused me much, my rock-climber-girl. I tried moving after you till loss of all my strength, And I see you close, in one hand almost. When I climbed upwards, I dared you to say, But gone downfall with the ony words: "Oh, how you are close to me, how you are sweet, My alpinist-love, my rock-climber-girl!.." We are binded with one rope both as you, as me - The rock-climber-aces we had become at all!
© Lyudmila Purgina. Translation, 2011