Mine is the fault. With a heavy heart I sigh away: Got tightly stuck in this deep rut That someone made. Of my own choice the targets are, Which I have set, And here I am, and off the rut I cannot get. The sheer walls that rim the rut Are slippery and greasy mud. Cursed be those whoíve worn down this rut! This is going to fill up the cup. Iím declining, like learning by heart: To a rut, in a rut, with a rut. But why am I as if on thorns? Impertinent. Conditions here, all in all, Are competent. No one will bump, nor push aside You cannot carp. And fancy you a headlong drive, Then here you are! Thereís no denial in chow and sup In this convenient, cozy rut. Apprehensively, I figure out: I am not all alone in this rut. Carry on, chum, a wheel in a wheel! And youíll get right where all ever will. Now, someone yields a frenzied shout: Come, let me go! And starts to struggle with the rut An idiot, He has depleted, in this row, The stock of love, With bearing brasses busting up As well as valves. And yet he warps the rims of rut, The walls are, now, some more apart. But his driveway abruptly cuts short. And the chapís being dragged to a moat. So he couldnít impede us, behind, Driving headway along the alient rut. And now I am as well in trouble Ignition stuck. This certain is no more a drive, Just fidgeting. One would get out to push it on, But I lack snap. Should someone bustle to move up close To pull me out. I seek a helping hand in vain: This bitch of a rut is alien. How I wish I could spit clay and rust Quits with this very alien rut! Cause by having thus deepened the trail Iíve bereft those behind of a break. Iím getting cold from chilly sweat Up to the bones, And then I walk a bit ahead Along a board. And here it is, a rimís washed out By spring thaw streams - Here is an exit off the rut, Deliverance! I spit with mud from under tires Upon this someone elseís rut: Hey you, going behind, act like me! Thatís, donít follow the driveway Iím on. This new rut belongs only to me. You, get out by the ruts of your own!
© Vyacheslav Chetin. Translation, 2009