Cannot say for my life where I reveled last night. Just remember, wallpapers all over there; Chloe was there with a friend and as I call to mind, In the kitchen I was kissing both of them. I got up in the morn And was instantly told, I had terrorized all And abused the household, Prancing naked around, Singing lecherous chants, Claiming I was a son Of a Chief-in-Command! I was tearing my shirt, I was smiting my breast, Shouting I was surrounded by renegades And refusing to give peace and rest to the guests With guitar discords, getting on their nerves. I quit drinking at last, Insomuch as got tired, Started smashing cut glass Sets against the floor tiles, Got walls sullied with wine, As for coffee things, I, Having flung window wide, Threw them down outside. None was able to bring me to reason, but then They regained by degrees their confidence, In a crowd, threw their weight on me, tying my hands. It is not until then they enjoyed themselves. Someone spat in my face, Some poured vodka in me, And a fan of ballet Kicked me hard in the ribs... A young widow, still true To her passed away spouse, Showed compassion and ruth - After all, we live once. And my battered face paled, as I lay on the floor Feigning I gave away to them finally, - Liberate me, thatís all thereís to it! - I roared. They untied me, but hid all the cutlery. All the fun afterwards Canít be put into words! Whereabouts should all Strength in hands have come from! - Like a chased down boar I breathed fire around: Battered windows and doors, Dropped the balcony down. Cannot say for my life where I reveled last day! Call to mind some wallpapers all over there... Face has left, and the marks of blows, left on my face! How to go anywhere outdoors with them! If the story is true, Even only in part, Only one thing is due: To lie down and depart. Only one thing was good Widowís cleared my disgrace Showed compassion and ruth, Let me live at her place.
© Vyacheslav Chetin. Translation, 2014