Whatís with you, shaving your eyebrows, slut? How come youíve put on your blue beret, whore? And where are you off to, bitch? I saw the other ticket to the club! You know I dote on you, donít you, That Iím ready to steal for you night and day! But of late Iíve noticed something about you, Youíve started to be unfaithful too much. If itís with Kolka or even Slavka, OK! Iíve got nothing against friends. But if itís with Vitka from Pervaya Periaslavka - Then Iíll break your legs, Iíll send you back to God! Red-haired broad, Iíll not keep it from you: If you go on wearing your blue beret I wonít touch you-Iíll bury you in my soul And have you covered with cement. And when summer comes-youíll come back again! But Iíll pick me a lady the likes of which Will turn you green with envy, bitch. Youíll say: Forgive me, but I wonít give a damn.
© H. William Tjalsma. Translation, 1982