A warplane, a fighter, I soar happily. I rule the skies, a wind-rider! But the one whoís sitting inside of me He thinks that he is the fighter. I just killed a bomber effortlessly: My seventeenth, verified. But the one whoís sitting inside of me Has become quite a thorn in my side! I was riddled through on my last sortie; I owe the techs my revival. But the one whoís sitting inside of me Again sends me into a spiral. Death from above is brought by a bomb, After they pull the lever. Yet somehow I hear the bombís fin hum "Peace be with you forever!" A banditís on my tail; I want to flee. Iím tired of fighting, I am! But the one whoís sitting inside of me, Has made a decision to ram! He must be insane! Iíll blow, by God! Yet somehow I stay alive. Against all my limits, against all the odds, Iím pulling up from a dive. Iím flying high! Iím on top again! Survived another endeavor! But look: my wingman is diving, and then - "Peace be with you forever!" The one whoís sitting inside my skull, He then got us both duped: He forced me into a dive, a free fall, Straight down, out of a loop. Heís up at 3Gís, yet heís pulling away: An ace pilot boy, in his prime! Yes, damnit, I know I must obey - I swear - for one last time! No more will I follow my masterís calls, Let him deny me the sky! But why canít he hear the furious pulse? The fuel - my blood! - is running dry! This machineís patience drains rapidly... And his time is up, at last. The one who was sitting inside of me Slumped face first into the glass. Heís killed! It is over! Once and for all! Iím burning my final drops! But whatís this? Iím now in a freefall, And this time I cannot pull up... A pity. I havenít accomplished a thing. May others succeed however! One thing I know: I did get to sing: "Peace be with you forever!"
© Vadim Astrakhan. Translation, ?
© Vadim Astrakhan. Performance, 2014