He told me: ďFine. But she is mine!Ē You just donít get it, man. You just donít get it! Just let it go. Youíre drunk, you know, Or youíll regret it, man. You will regret it! But he just yelled: ďItís all the same today! Letís catch a cab, the night is getting colder. The meterís ticking, but itís OK. Weíre gonna pay up when the ride is over.Ē I have no pity for this sort of men ďDonít push me, man, let go of that story!Ē But he just talks and talks of her again! Oh, youíll be sorry, man, you will be sorry! My blood then started boiling in my veins. Sometimes it does that, when Iím not quite sober. I told him quietly: ďYou know: itís OK. You have to pay up when the ride is over!Ē Itís gonna end. Tonight itís gonna end! I want to fight, Iím full of pure hatred! You want it, friend? Or you donít, friend? Youíre gonna pay for it, youíre gonna pay, friend! The life is shining in the windows of the cab... Iím feeling high, I canít get any lower! The meterís ticking, ticking, ticking, but itís OK. Youíll have to pay up when the ride is over!
© Vadim Astrakhan. Translation, 2007
© Vadim Astrakhan. Performance, 2007