One hundred Saracens I killed to honor her! One hundred deaths gone to the lady I adore! But with the treacherous intent My king set up a tournament. Kings of the world, to me, are rotten to the core! Iím being challenged by the Royal Courtís First Knight. The king has sent another one for me to fight. But itís her heart that I hold dear The real target of my spear. I donít care about his tricks tonight! A coat of arms is on his chest - a gallows pole. When all is said and done, thereíll be a gaping hole. Heís a good fighter and a threat. A royal favorite, and yet Today I donít care about them all! The king proclaimed: ďFor him itíll be an easy win! ďYou rest in peace, my friend!Ē he added with a grin. I get the grave, he gets the fame. The king is free to steal my dame. Oh, God forgive me, I despise the king! The sign is given, and so we begin. We charge our horses and we close in. Our visors raised, our gazes burn, The king is visibly concerned, I still donít give a damn about the king! Now it is over, and the field can rest. His blood has spurted all over the grass. The king is shamed for all to see, But now she belongs to me! Today about the king I couldnít care less! No happy endings. Our love was betrayed. The king has sent me on a Holy Land crusade. Neither of us could do a thing: Weíre both vassals of the king... For itís too early not to care about kings!
© Vadim Astrakhan. Translation, 2007, 2023
© Vadim Astrakhan. Performance, 2007