Someone spotted an unripe fruit in a lot. It fell down when they shook the tree. Hereís a tale of a man who did not, did not Finish singing, it was not to be, not to be. Maybe he had some problems with fate, I donít know. And some issues with fortune and luck, at that. But a metal string had a tiny flaw, When he stretched It over the frets, the frets. Then cautiously he played his note, But didnít finish it, did not... His lonely chord has fallen fiat, fallen flat. Has not inspired or surprised. The dog was barking and the cat Was chasing mice. A funny joke, indeed, but - my oh my! - Havenít gotten to the funny part! He didnít finish tasting wine, his wine. In fact, he didnít even start! He was preparing the debate, the debate, Checking the argument for holes, for holes, And out of the pores like sweat, like sweat, He was oozing the droplets of soul, his soul! On the floor he barely began the duel, In the very beginning of the first round, In the game he barely learned the rules, And the ref hasnít opened the count! He wanted to learn what is what, But didnít get to it, did not! Has not discovered mysteries unknown: The bottom of the sea and skies above. The girl whoís always alone, alone He hasnít loved, he hasnít loved! A funny tale, indeed, but - my oh my! - He raced and hurried through the world! The problems he could not resolve in time Remained forever unresolved! I never lie, not in a single word. He was a servant of the purest verse. He wrote the poems on the snow for her. Itís a pity that snow it melts, of course! But it was snowing heavily on that day, And the freedom to write was still his! And the largest snowflakes, snowflakes Heíd grab on the run with his lips! And in the shiny car he bought He didnít ride with her, did not! He didnít cross the finish line, the line! He didnít reach, he didnít reach, did not attain! And Taurus, his Zodiac sign, Was lapping up the Milky Way... A funny thing, indeed, a funny thing, When youíre falling, seconds short! When you missed by a missing link! And you abort, and you abort, and you abort! A funny joke - hey, you all! Now you can laugh... and I can laugh. A racing horse, a bird In flight, may fall. But who is left? But who is left? But who is left?
© Vadim Astrakhan. Translation, 2008
© Vadim Astrakhan. Performance, 2008