It’s two versus eight; that’s the matchup we’re facing. We’re given a bad hand to play. Straight Into the dogfight together we’re racing, But chances are equal, I say! I will not abandon this tiny sky square, The numbers mean nothing to me. My friend’s got my back, so, to me, it’s all fair The odds wilt get even, you’ll see. The bandit’s on my tall, next moment he’s smoking Propellers howl and whine. Hey, on their graves they will not need the crosses: The crosses on wings will do fine! I’m holding it steady, but they are below you... I’m trying to intercept! My friend, run for cover! Hide In the clouds! No miracles here to expect! Your plane is on fire. I know you’re praying The parachute ropes are strong! Too late, one more bandit is coming out at me. Farewell, I will take him head on! I know, our comrades avenge our death later But over the clouds and the rain Our souls are now flying, like two planes together. We’re flying together again. In heaven to angels we will not listen, We know we must carry on. And we’ll ask the Lord if we can be enlisted In some sort of angel squadron! The Father, the Son, and the Holiest Spirit Will grant my desire, alright! They will leave my comrade forever defending My back, as In that final fight. We’ll ask God for wings and we’ll ask him for arrows, He could use an angel ace! But If he has too many fighters, he’ll make us The guardians, in this case! To guard Is Just as important and noble, To bring luck to those that dare To carry on fighting, fighting the battles On the ground and in the air!
© Vadim Astrakhan. Translation, 2008
© Vadim Astrakhan. Performance, 2008