Donít touch the furs, I only have a few. And give me back my stone battle mace! Shut up, I donít even notice you! Sit down and clean up the fireplace. Donít worry about the petty things to save You wonít have to, if you do the toil! The stoveís dirty, and so Is the cave. Since Matriarchy, youíve grown spoiled! I do not care what you think! I am the man, and with me you live! So, letís keep our relationship Just the way it Is - primitive! Theyíve killed a mammoth (and a big one too) And now are giving everyone his share. I cannot spend my whole life here with you, I need to run Immediately there! The elders will be here any time. Put on your skins when you are not alone. Yes, itís stone age, but that is still a crime! I donít want to see my woman stoned! If I only had four more wives I would end all this agony. But, because of my lousy life, I am forced to monogamy. And all this loser family of yours! My uncle, back when he was still alive, Had cautioned me: "Do not make matters worse! "From cannibals, one shouldnít take a wife". Community declares that you lie, When sayiní that some boys harassing you. These boys, they are the future of the tribe. Donít go around slandering our youth! Iím asking nicely, give me back my mace And donít you cry - I havenít hit you yet! Get dressed or neighbors will laugh in my face. I count to three, and then I choke you dead!        
© Vadim Astrakhan. Translation, 2008
© Vadim Astrakhan. Performance, 2008