After some drinks downed easily, An artist, unknown and unpaid, An artist, unknown and unpaid, And then decided to paint. Now, another small matter: A model Is needed for that! Here comes one! Couldnít be better: Cute legs and a confident head! So, he ran straight to the fairy: "Hey, do you hear, what they say? Dante, you know, Aligieri, Goes down to hell every day". "To enter heaven is harder. I do not need all that stress. My name is, well, Leonardo. So, hurry up and undress". "Donít be afraid to remain nude: I wonít offend you, no way. Let me please, well, paint you! Or mold you out of clay". But a proud woman said, laughing: "Shame on you, sir, do you know, Iím a good girl, a Catholic, And, in simple words, no". "Some dirty fashion youíre preaching, Straight into bed taking me. Huh, Leonardo Da Vinci! Some Raphael wannabe!" "Always I despised the harlots. Never youíll strip me like that. I donít care if youíre an artist! First, letís get properly wed". "After the people have seen us In church, Iíll strip, very well. donít care If youíre a genius, I ainít stupid myself". "But Iím full of such Inspiration, Canít turn away from your face!" The artist cried in exultation. Soon after, the wedding took place. That girl, though it wasnít easy, Iíve met, in the midst of the night It was, of course, Mona Lisa. The one from the painting, alright. To all her girlfriends in Naples She bragged about her success: "See, just like that, Iíve landed A celebrity husband, no less!" Over his work he then struggled, Full of expression and joy. His wife, Joconda, just chuckled: "I got you now, silly boy". Such is the smileís solution. Let me re-state it again: Women are always laughing At simple-mindness of men.
© Vadim Astrakhan. Translation, 2008
© Vadim Astrakhan. Performance, 2008