I love you now Not secretly, out loud! Not "after"... until" - I burn in your light! Sobbing or laughing, but I love now! I want no past; futureís out sight. "I loved" a grave holds less despair! It clips my wings and hobbles hopes, Though the poet of poets might declare, "I loved you - and love still, perhaps..." Thus they speak of wilted things - Condescending pity for the lost. Thus they speak of dethroned kings, Regretful for a thing thatís past; For urges stripped of urgency, When ęI love youĽ loses currency. I love you now - vows canít explain, My time is now - I wonít cut its vein! This time, ongoing, while the moment lasts - I fear no future and I breathe donít no past. Iíll come to you over sea or land, Chained or headless, Iíll come still! Only donít mistakenly demand To "I love you" be added "always will". That "always" has a bitter taste, Forged signatures and rot and waste, A get-out clause, a "just in case", Dull poison at the glassís base, And a slap in the presentís face, Where "I love now" in doubt in placed. My French dream overflows with time, The pastís not so, the futureís scarier Iím pilloried in the stocks and Iím Called up to the language barrier! The language gap! A state defective! Together we can leap this fence, I love you even when itís tense: In the future and the past perfective.
© Brigit McCone. Translation, 2014