"Into the grave!" - or - "Up, and march at once!" - are the sole options. Choices cant be fewer. We are condemned to live in a numb trance: were chained to this numb trance, safe and secure.                 Weak sacrificial pawns, were shut by fear: our souls have frozen, our bodies have gone numb; opprobrium grins gleeful mocking sneers through the windshield of life, as a vile bum. Oh only if these shackles we could break! - we would get all of those who did twist us, who were so shrewd to chain us, who could make us fettered to this mired, slimed existence. Were hoping... what for? Why are we craven? Or are these chains too hard for us to crack? Why are we knocking on the Gates of Heaven? With bleeding knuckles, we still knock and knock... Weve given up - we had to quit all strives. The price jacked up, and its too late to reason: from now on, were sentenced to long lives in vile disgrace - its either shame or prison!         Well, we are not cheap slime! Looks are deceiving: caught in this swamp, we do refuse to thrive - we wont succumb to agonizing living, wed die, but - through that death - well come alive!
Anna Kapellan. Translation, 2018