Iíll explode now like three hundred tons of TNT, Within, the charge of the uncreative iniquity: Today, I had a visit from a Muse, She stayed a while, then left, lighting the fuse. She solid reasons had - I have no right to whine - Imagine: Muse... At night... With a man! God knows just what about her will be said then. And still I feel lonely and quite vexed: That same Muse - as people can confirm! - For days with poet Block she stayed, And with Pushkin lived - never to adjourn. All impatience, I to the table rushed, But, God, save me and grant my soul mercy, She left, and inspiration turned to dust. Vanished Along with some money: that mustíve been for a taxi. In fury, like an animal, I thrash about, But blessed be the Muse - her I forgave She left me for someone else: Most likely, i didnít treat her well. Giant cake, stuck with dripping candles, Withered from grief, and so have I dried up. The cognac that was meant for Muse, With neighbors, bastards, I drank up. Years have passed, like blacklisted people, - All is in the past, Iím yawning filled with ennui. Wordlessly, she left without a goodbye, All that was left of her - just a couple lines. Only a couplet - Iím a genius, doubts be gone, Bestow elation, laurels, and flowers: "I remember that wondrous moment, When you appeared before me"!        
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