Why didnít you throw yourself, Mariette, in the river, Why didnít you shut up forever, When they took your loved boy to recruits, to recruits, How did your betrothed enter the army?! Iíll wash out the chamber with hot tears And Iíll shut the door to the long years, Iíll bend over the lake with the willow, the willow - Iíll watch there, like in a mirror, - whatís up with you. Little grass-little ant - juicy, minty - Sheís breaking without you, the winds are blowing... The soldierís portion - military, military: What, how didnít the bullets bypass your breast?! Iíll tramp the deep small path And Iíll weave my wedding crown in store, The long plait of my girl -down to the earth, to the ground - Iíll keep it for my sweetheart - with greyin hair. Here theyíre taking a ring out of my white small saucer, The round dance will go around sadly in it, - Let my fortune-telling come true, come true: Let my betrothed come back in vernal day! Sing like before merrily, going to the house, you, Calm me down with quiet tender voice. But the life of bride - clamps, clamps... Mariette will wait for you till the end - you just hurry up!
© Zaza ?. Translation, 2013