One believes in Mohammed, one in Allah, one in Jesus, One believes in nothing, one in Satan, in this world The good religion was created by the Hindoos - That when giving the ends, we canít perish or die. Your soul was striving for the top - Again youíll be born with a dream. But if you lived like a pig, Certainly you will stay as one. Let people look at you with laughs, get used to the reproach. Annoying! So what, youíll be born as an expert too. And if you saw your enemyís death while living in the present, The other life will present you with a sharp-sighted eye. Live your life very normally, There is a reason for your rejoicing - Well, maybe your soul will settle In some leader or big boss.                 You lived as a street sweeper, youíll be born as a supervisor, And from a supervisor youíll be minister for sure. But if youíre dumb like wood, youíll be born as an oak, And youíll be a tree for a thousand years till you die. Itís not pleasant to live as a parrot, Or as a viper with a long age. But itís better to live the life As a decent human being. But who is who, then who was who - we will never know. The geneticians have gone crazy from genes and chromosomes. Maybe that dirty cat was once a good-for-nothing bastard, While that very nice man was once a loyal dog. I am jumping from ecstasy, I am passing temptations. The most convenient religion Has been created by Hindoos.
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991