You went away for a short term, God will never let me meet you. But Iíll be put in the train for the East, And then to gold mines in Bodaybo. You wonít cry for me, you wonít wait for me, You wonít visit the relatives. But I donít care, here Iím going to seek The gold for our nation. Everythingís finished with the noise of wheels, Cross ties ended, railway tracks are gone. Wish I can weep right now, but there are no tears - The tears have ended on the earth. Do not wait for me, let God be with you, And do not grieve for my hardships. Only remember that I have no wish To meet you on my long way. My time will end someday, Iíll endure the pain, And Iíll come out of prison alive. But while here I sleep on a plank bed, I will try to forget everything. Here the winds are harsh and the woods are dense, No matter how I howl - blues around! Behind me there are seven thousand kilometers, And seven blue years are ahead of me.
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991