Life was great long ago: you go up and down without any convoy, You smoke some pot, go to the station and mug all kinds of people. And you take a hopeful bitch with you, whenever you go robbing, Then take someone by the neck, if he wonít give his money. While we are watched, while we are threatened - well, hell, we can endure it. Eat in a bar, then drink some wine, and then youíre taken to "Petrovka 38"1. You went through orphanage, through jail, and you were never afraid, kid. And when they took you to peopleís court, you were scared and worried. Why do they he? "The peopleís court" - there I saw no people. The judge was kind, and the prosecutor insulted me so greatly. I answered every question then, but they got very angry, And by Godís name, I canít agree with such a severe sentence. You know, I donít reject the guilt: itís not my first time in prison, But they wrote down, that I acted very bad with people. And, itís true: you take a step, ask a guy for a hundred rubles. Whatís with a knife? Whatís with the mugging? Go and change the sentence! Hey, if there was an audience in there, I would have made a speech then: "Dear citizens, why blame me? You were the ones who fed me and gave me water. Each person gave me his own dough without threats, blood or fears, Well, God bless you all, my friends, big thanks and I am grateful." And this whole audience, my friend, would applaud me like crazy, And I would loudly exclaim: "Thank you for your attention!" Some believe and some do not, that Iím a skillful robber, How could I look people in the eyes with such a harsh sentence?
1 The location of police headquarters in Moscow.
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991