The spring has just began - we havenít yet enjoyed it, But the soul was torn to pieces. And suddenly the convoy knocks at my door: "Put on your clothes, and come out". Then I used to beg the sergeant: "Donít take me away from the spring". Before May I was tormented, they wanted to silence me, And I said: "First give me forty days". And like a knife into my back, they took Cathy away, And the inspector was more supreme than I. I understood that I was sinking. Just show me a little bit of spring. And once again the trains, carriages, and lanes, The railway is going to be long, In the window I see birches and maples, Theyíre telling me: "Donít forget us!" And guys are waving me farewell: How come they took you from the spring?" I asked Cathy: "Letís get out?" She said: "We mustnít!" I canít take it anymore. I need the spring. And then Cathy said: "All right, I agree". That night we both headed for taiga. How happily she met us then! That lovely mother-spring. But on the second night the bitches found out tracks, And dogs led the guards to us. And they tied our hands and feet, And dragged us through the mud and dirt. I understood: I will see no more dreams, Completely they took me from the spring.
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991