I was a soul of the foolish society, And I can tell you this: My last name, fist and middle Are known well in KGB. The whole street fell in love with me, And the entire Savelovsky Station. I knew, that people had interest in me, But still, somehow I disdained. I was one of the best known thieves, And all the inmates knew me well, And one comrade, Inspector Tokarev Did not sleep nights because of me. I never suffered harshly in my life And always had some work to do. But one day someone found my tracks, Whispered the rumor and I died. The sergeant behaved very normally, And asked me questions all the time. But I was always nice to him And Id timidly answer: "I never shot, nor stabbed anyone, I never tested my own fate, And every night I slept beautifully, And saw your precinct in the grave". And my case was not turned down, And soon the verdict was announced. They gave me just what I needed, And the prosecutor added five years. My lawyer only tried to do his best, And my temper began to boil, But the prosecutor was very strict, And I am sure that he was wrong. Since then my career became desolate, I became a lonely subject. Why should I be a soul of the society, When it has no soul at all?
Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991