I once strolled through the streets of Moscow, Accidently hit two people in the face. And for that I found myself in the precinct, I saw my dream girl in that place. I donít know what she was doing there, Maybe came to receive the passport. Iím not sure. Young, blonde, very beautiful... I decided to find out more about her. I followed her and remembered her house; What should I tell her? Iím a thief. Nothing more. So I drank and invited the prettiest To the restaurant by the river shore. And the passers-by would all smile to her, I looked at her and the stars in the sky! Once when a person stood in my way... I punched him out cause he gave her an eye. I gave her the sandwiches with caviar, Money flowed like the river and rain I ordered such songs for her majesty, And in the end I ordered "The Cranes"1.         Iíd tell her that this life was a waste. I felt sick and I thought she was nice, But she just said: "I believe you, so You can have me, just name the price." So I hit her, the pretty white bird, The blood boiled inside me that night. I understood what she was doing in the precinct, My dearest love at first sight.
1 A popular Soviet song in the 1960s.
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991