There is nothing to say about our date. I waited for her, like for the elementary miseries, But we began to live together well, Without fearing the pernicious consequences. I, then, narrowed the circle of your acquaintances, I gave them clothes, shoes, and got them out of dirt. Bu, a long tail was dragging after you, The longest tail of your brief connections. Then, I remember, I would beat up your friends, I felt so insecure among them. Of course, there were some decent guys, Like me, they had been intellectuals. If youíd ask me for something, Iíd do it right away. I wanted to make each hour a nuptial night. I used to jump under the train for you, But thank God, I wasnít that lucky. And if youíd only wait for me that year, When I was sent on my bad vacation, I d steal for you the entire firmament, And plus two Kremlin stars - an extra present. And I swear - Iíll be the last nasty guy! Donít lie, donít drink, and Iíll forgive your treason. And Iíll present you with the Bolshoy Theater, And also the Little Sports Arena. But now Iím not prepared for our date; Iím afraid of you, and of intimate nights, Like the citizens of Japanese cities Are afraid of another Hiroshima.
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991