Today in our complex brigade There was a word about the ball-masquarade. We were given out the masks of rabbits, elephants and alcoholics And were told to come to a zoological garden. "Why should I walk in front as though in a parade? Tell me please, my darling wife, for Godís sake." She tells me: "Put on your clothes, I am ashamed to see you, Otherwise youíll walk last as usual." "I got my dress," she says, "from Nadya, Soon I will be just like Marina Vlady. And Iíll have some wonderful time at a party, Though with your tipsy face, but in nice attire." Then why the hell did I iron my shirt? I was caught in the zoological garden - Because my pal Kolka gave me a mask of an alcoholic, And some drunks asked me to share the bottle with them. Again I found myself in the zoological garden. I was amazed to see two of my wives, two Marina Valdys. Dressed like animals, accompanied by two hippos, I also turned into a beast, and began fighting. In the morning I was rewarded in the brigade, They said that during the ball-masquarade, I, not only played the role of an alcoholic for them, But I was in a cage with a hippopotamus.
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991