My neighbor traveled widely in our country, He sought something, well, maybe fame. I never stick my nose into other peopleís business, But to me itís painful. What a shame! On his windows you see plush and silk, His woman is wealthy and so cunning. In Moscow Iíd find uranium and more, If I only had so much money. And I think that often people lie, He thinks he has everything. Thatís funny. But where does all that money go? Oh, such tremendous pretty money! And last night their sarcastic son Fell near our door, hitting his head, And on purpose he broke my decanter, They better pay me big bucks for that. Heíd get a ruble, while I a nickle, Let him pay the fine, that bastard. I m not one bit jealous of him - I m for the sake of pure justice. But all right Iíll give them comforts soon, He will move away from this apartment. He doesnít know what to spend his money on, While we donít have enough for vodka.
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991