Hereís the main entrance. But hereís what: Persuade me - Iíd rather die. I enter through the back-entrance, And exit through the windows. Iím not bothering anyone, But last night while I was warm - (Even though I could be worse) I got insulted tremendously. And spitting in the tipsy snout, And wrapping a curtain around my face, I came out right through the glass To the embrace of the policeman. And as I was so ambitious, I was taken to the station, And I was bleeding furiously, Famous throughout the nation. And punished with Fists, And trampled with feet, I was given a huge fine For committing a wicked crime. And then, all in bandages, Being unjustfully punished, Some little cordial boys Let me sleep on a couch. When I woke up - it was still dark. I had time to relax and to sleep. I got up and headed for a window, And there were steel bars on it. And I was all patented, Prepared to face everything - Those sad steel bars Threw me into an abyss of despair. And in the morning - believe me if you want - I got up, shaking from weakness, And exited through the door. I exited through a door! Since then I lack the confidence. The world is silent and windless. Thereís purity and symmetry. My soul is filled with filth, And I live so unhappily.
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991