She has... she has her own - laundry and lodging. But Iím living in my auntís apartment on purpose. Just for her... I dedicate all my free time to her, Just at her Iím looking out of my window. She has... her window always has a light on, And last night the doorman told me a story: That she has... she has two friends who are movie stars, And one popular actor from Taganka. And while Iím familiar with many stars, I was told many nuances about her: I hat her older brother is a goalie for "Spartacus," While her dad is an adviser in the ministry of finances. I will say, that I always go to football games, About her brother, and how wonderfully he plays. I will say that Iím friend with a minister of finances, And that I, myself, play in the Moscow Art Theater. She has... she has geranium on her window, She has... she has patterns on her curtains. But I... I have nothing on my window, Only dust, only thick dust on the drawers. It doesnít matter, Iíll buy myself a lottery ticket, And I hope, I will not have to wait any longer. And itís true that there is no justice in the world, God help me if I ever win "Volga"1.
1 "Volga" - the most expensive Soviet car.
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991