So many times I tried to fly Moscow-Odessa, Again the plane is not allowed to leave. But here the stewardess in blue passed by me, Reliable like our entire air force. Above Murmansk there are no grey clouds, And now if you want, fly to Ashkabad. Kiev is open, so is Kharkov, Kishinev, And also Lvov, but I donít need to go there. They said to me: "Donít hope today, You shouldnít depend on our blue sky." And again the flight to Odessa is delayed - Right now the zone is covered with ice. And the icicles in Leningrad are melting, And why shouldnít I fly to Leningrad? Itís very warm and bright in Tbilisi, A fine place, but I donít need to go there. I hear, from Rostov they are flying to Odessa. Yet itís me who needs Odessa day and night. Yes, I have to go where Iím not allowed to go, And thatís why the flight is being postponed. I need a place where there is snow and fog, Where tomorrow they are expecting a blizzard, But somewhere it must be clear and nice, Perfect, but I donít need to go there. I canít leave this place, they wonít accept me there, Unjustly, and I feel so depressed. The pretty stewardess welcomes us to the landing, Sheís reliable like the entire air force. They opened the most distant land, Which canít really lure anybody. They opened the closed part Vladivostok, Paris is open, but I donít need to go there.                 Iím right, just cry or laugh, again the flight is postponed, And the stewardess is leading us to the past. Sheís slim like the plane TU, that miss Odessa, Reliable like the entire air force. Again the flight is postponed until eight, And the citizens are falling asleep humbly. Damn it! I am sick and tired of this nonsense, And Iím flying where Iíll be accepted.
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991