Half an hour before the attack... Soon we will face the tanks, Soon the concert of bullets and bombs. But a young soldier was given a letter from home, A small blue triangular envelope. And though youíre not here, if the bride has wrote it, Or if the handwriting is by your mother and dad. But something different has happened - in vain before the battle Someone hurried to give this letter to him. First there was written: "I am sorry for being silent, I wonít wait for you." And thatís the whole sheet. Only a postscript at the bottom: "I am leaving for now. Fight at ease, and do forgive me if you must." With the first deadly blast the youth screamed sadly: "Mailman, what have you brought to me? A minute before death, in the triangular envelope I received a severe bullet wound." He came out of a trench with a machine gun on his neck, He feared no bullets or bombs. And in the battle near Suroya he embraced the ground, As the wind blew the torn letter away.
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991