I low popular is the Hindoo culture? Ixtís say, Shiva - has many arms, canines. I also know the actor - Raj Kapoor, And the caste of yogis, the strangest of all castes. They say, that long ago a yogi could Go on for a year without eating any food.     But right now they are setting records: Eat and drink the whole year through.     I know that they have many secrets. I wish I could talk to a yogi in private. Well, even a poison doesnít affect a yogi - He has immunity for every poison there is. He doesnít breathe under water-one, Doesnít object what you say to him-two.     If he feels that all of a sudden the old man Says "stop!" and at the same moment - heís dead.     And what about us? We arenít worse than others, We also know how to drink a lot. And numerous yogis roam around, Only itís difficult to spot them in a crowd. Indeed a yogi does many things: Not long ago one lay down.     Three days have already passed. Shame! He just sleeps and doesnít give a damn.     I once asked an intoxicated yogi, He ate razors and nails like sausage: "Oh, listen, pal, tell me all your secrets, Iíll carry a secret along to my grave." So I received a simple answer, But we have quarreled with him then.     I could tell you everything about it, But he ordered me to keep quiet.                            
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991