Deep breathing, feet on the floor, Donít rush, three-four, Vivacity of spirits, grace of kicks. Very strengthening, freshening each morning, If youíre still alive-gymnastics.   If you do it in your room, Lie on the floor, one-two, Right movements and no doubts. Get used to new things, no bad influence for you, Deep breathing until you pass out.   You grew up in this world, Influenza - a perfect word, Sickness increases, for it has power! If you want to stay alive, If you dare to survive, People, take a cold shower.   If you got up from bed, Donít be blue, donít be sad, You arenít afraid of Arctic with Antarctica. A famous scientist Ioffe Proved that cognac and coffee Can be replaced by the sportporfilactics.   Donít say a word, cheer up, Do push-ups and sit-ups, Do everything, but in a right order. If you feel too sour, Hub yourself with a cold towel, Do the procedures using water.   Each one of us has a happy face, So, start running in place. We must try to win in any way, Beauty-among the winners, No lazy ones and no beginners. Running and brisk walking - every single day!  
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991