This earth has so many races, Simply a colorful palette, Every one inhales two liters of air at once, Not too much air on this planet. If itís going to continue like that, Soon - the end of our era: Those Chinese in several years Will leave the earth without air. Not long ago I had a dream, The dream was a horrible one: I go into the house, in the kitchen I see Mao-Tse-Tung with Li-Syn-Mun. And they are showing me a long list Of places they want to invade: "Very much we need your Far East, Oh, we just cannot wait. And that our little globe Is divided into three a piece: Billion of us, billion of them, And the rest - the Chinese. Only I would recall the dream, I thought of it then and now. I called him a colleague with a scheme, My good old friend, Comrade Mao. But very soon we will fly to the Moon, And why should we fight with U.S. for peace?.. Left one to us, right one to them, And the rest - to Chinese.
© Nathan Mer. Translation, 1991